Hey All!
Welcome to MindBody

This is our brand new online and in-studio booking system.
We will now offer online booking, direct debit payment plans and our
brand new free phone app for class scheduling and booking your make ups!

We’ve made booking online simple and easy
With MindBody you can create your own account, view our schedule, book courses and classes,
cancel sessions, book make ups, plan your term and even buy class packs anywhere, anytime
from your mobile phone or computer. I know, amazing right?!!
We highly recommend you download our free app and have a look at how easy it is to book and
manage all your sessions and see what workshops and events we have coming up.

The Big Change…
There are a few important things you will need to know about this new system,
so read on and contact us if you have any other questions or troubles with setup.

Introduction offer
With our new MindBody system everyone is considered a ‘New Client’.

What does this mean?
This means everyone will create a brand new client file on MindBody.
It also means that
everyone will be able to take advantage of our new Introduction Offer of 5 classes for only $50.

Old Session Cards
Yes, if you have any old session cards or complimentary passes from the studio, bring them into us
and we will credit them to your MindBody account. Voila!

Studio Credit
If you have any credit from your account to use for term due to injury etc,
we will be able to credit this also to your account.

Our old system will be completely shut down March 1 2017,
so if you think you might have some studio credit to use in an old account,
contact us to add this to your new MindBody account before this date.

Direct Debit - PAYMENT PLANS!
Yes, this is awesome!

We will be offering ALL of our clients the option to put all their courses
and casual class cards on a direct debit payment plan.

Here is what you need to know about this…
Payment plans may only be done at the reception desk at the time you book in for a term.
They are not available to be purchased online.

Online purchases or purchases through our Kylie J Pole Studio App are full fee up front.

Deposit for all courses is still $50 per course.

For casual session purchases, deposit is 50% of the full amount.

Payment plan is not available on our Introduction Offer or Functions.

Payment plans are available on Private Tuition blocks.

Payment plans can be arranged to be direct debited from either a Credit Card, or your nominated bank account.

Payment plan period: 6 weeks. 1 payment per week.

Direct Debit Processing Fee
Ezidebit fees do apply for those who decide to pay for their courses by the direct debit system.
The fee is a flat $5 for each payment plan that has been arranged.
If your payment plan is over $400, this fee will increase to $10.
Courses paid up front, online or on our phone app will have no processing fees.

Cancelling Classes / Make Ups
You can cancel your classes and book make ups online, via our phone app or by contacting the studio direct.
We will be encouraging everyone to download our phone app to do all your planning yourself.
This app will allow you to cancel your classes at the press of a button.
You can also see our available sessions for make ups and book those in as well, online, anywhere, anytime.
This is soo fantastic!
If a class is full, you can put yourself on a waiting list.
You will be notified by text and email if a space for your desired class has a space available for you.

You will need to cancel your classes to be able to book in make ups.
We have a strict 2 hour cut off for class cancellations. If you cancel your class before the 2 hour cut off,
you will have the session credited to your account for you to book in a make up when it suits you.
If you have not cancelled your session by the 2 hour cut off, the session will still be charged to your account
and a make up class will not be available. These will be considered a ‘Late Cancel’.
If you are unable to make your class and you have missed the cut off 2 hour period,
please consider your fellow polers and still cancel your class if you can.
This way your place will still become for someone else to jump in if they wish and can make it in the short time.

Translations for MindBody
Enrolments: Courses and workshops
Classes: Casual classes and Open Pole Sessions
Appointments: Hens functions/ Private tuition/ Photo shoots

New pricing
When you see the pricing option ‘2x 8 week pole courses’ and so on, this means
you can choose ANY 2 pole courses you wish to book into in the same term.
Does not mean you are booking 2 courses, 1 for the current term and 1 for the following.
It does not limit you to the same course either, you can book 1 static and 1 spin or 2 of your choice for the term.

When you book 2 or more courses, there is still the $50 discount on your additional courses, this is included in these prices.

Open Pole Sessions
This is scheduled practice time!
We now offer 2 months Unlimited Open Pole sessions, 5 sessions and single sessions.

There are 10 scheduled sessions per week to choose from, so this is a great
option for those wanting to get some extra training in between classes and work
on class skills, routines or show rehearsals.

Open Pole sessions are available for all levels enrolled in a course at the studio.
You book these just like you would casual classes by our phone app or at reception.

From the Team
We thank you all in advance for your time and patience with new system.
Please know that we will do everything we can to make this transition as smooth as possible
and are excited to make things more convenient, clear and organised for our clients.

If you need a helping hand with client setup or navigating our phone app, come in and we can assist you with this as well.

To contact us about MindBody

Studio: 5229 0050 | Kylie: 0430 293 209
If we do not answer, please leave us a voice message