Penny, 38, would highly recommend pole to others as you will have so much fun, amaze yourself and meet fantastic people!!!

Steph, 24, was soo nervous for her first class a year ago but says pole has changed her life because it has built up her confidence dramatically

Meredith, 22, was hooked after her first class 2 years ago and loves the fitness, and dancing with an amazing group of ladies

Bernie, 25, was excited to try our Introduction to Pole casual class and felt Kylie and the other instructors were so welcoming and she quickly became hooked!

Amber, 18, says pole has changed her life as she is fitter, stronger, has made lots of friends and now has a hobby she loves!

Ellen, 25,  wanted a change from the usual dance classes and says who could say no pole? She also loves the flattering lighting in the studio and loves that she can express herself in a new way, in a safe and friendly environment!