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Courses and classes to suit everyone, A place where friendships are formed and goals achieved

'Me Time'
With a Touch of Sparkle 

Kylie j Pole is a strong community of passionate individuals who have been introducing the wonderful world of Pole Dance/Fitness and Burlesque to clients from all walks of life since 2011. Our pole family includes beginners, right up to professional competitors and are a mix of ages, abilities and personalities. We are also very proud to be a community that is focused on supporting each other on our individual journeys. 

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Hi, I'm Kylie

Hi! I’m Kylie.

Welcome to our beautiful studios and pole fitness community.

I am honoured to have been part of the Australian pole industry since its inception in 2004. Over the last twenty years, I have watched the industry go from strength to pole strength, earning respect as a sport and fitness movement. If you’re exploring pole for the first time, you’ll find it rewards you with more than you ever thought possible. It has the power to change your life. It destroys the limits you have placed on yourself and will blow your mind with what you can achieve.


I’ve seen people grow physically stronger, fortify themselves emotionally and discover the embrace and support of a unique and loving community. Together, we carry this confidence, endurance and resilience into every part of our lives. It is a world of growth, discovery, energy and creativity where you’ll feel part of something truly special.


Pole fitness and dance gives me life. It’s where I’ve met my best friends. It lifts me up when I’m going through a tough time and delivers a cathartic release of what I don’t need. It’s where I go when I want to feel powerful, free, beautiful and strong...


That's why I opened Kylie J Pole Studio. I want to share this feeling with you.

Everyone deserves to find something they enjoy THIS much (and get the fittest they’ve ever been while doing it).

Whether you’re looking for a new sport, want to improve your health, need a challenge, want to make friends or need to regain strength after a changing life event, pole is the answer. This is where you’ll feel good about yourself, love yourself and be proud of your body for the amazing things you never thought it could do.

Just imagine when your workout becomes the highlight of your week.  Please enjoy exploring our studios and join us for a class.  Welcome to your incredible pole journey xx


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