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Casual Classes

Non commitment. Suitable for beginners and all levels. See Momence for full class descriptions 
Exotic Flow

Dive into exotic style and melt into smooth yet intricate pole transitions and floor work.  Fresh choreography each week. Heels or socks welcome 


Walks, Bump, Grind & Shimmy through modern or traditional burlesque

choreography.  Combining elements of glove peeling, chair, boas and more in true showgirl style

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Roller Pole

Our studio's very own signature style of pole. 
Combining the artistry of quad roller skating with  pole dancing. Focus is using the wheels of the skates to create

spin and floor work 

Pole Introduction

 60 minutes full of ultimate beginner moves, pole spins and a group routine with all your new skills! Just like a week 1 of a beginner course. A great first class to try.


Blending styles of Commercial Heels, Cabaret and Modern Burlesque developed into a dynamic routine each week. Props and floor work incorporated into this pure hour of dance 


Body therapy. A full body stretch including a mix of passive and active stretches with the option to work towards big shapes like splits and bridges. All levels of flexibility welcome

Pole Jam (Child Friendly)

No Baby Sitter Required! Join us for an exciting open pole training session! All skill levels are welcome, from beginners to advanced students 

Strength & Stretch
Beach Bums n Tums

Start your weekend right with this one-hour casual full body conditioning class! Pole and mat exercises, core, drills and mobility training. 

Also Child Friendly.

Fierce Flow

Expect creative

dynamic style 

choreography with dance cardio and intricate transitions. All levels are welcome to join in! Heels or socks welcome

Heels Choreo 

Exciting urban flow pole dance. Includes floor work, spins, heel bangs, isolations, and creative choreography every week.  Heels or socks welcome

Acro &  Handstands

Unleash your inner acrobat and join this fun class! Learn core and balance drills plus how to master handstands, elbow stands. bridges, press ups & intricate variations  


This class is comprised of lovely, lengthening stretches and gooey, flowing dance sequences. Once the body is warm and stretched enjoy soft pole choreography

Casual class Packs

Payment Plans Available at purchase screen
(If you are brand new grab and Intro Offer or Trial class)

10 class pack


5 class pack


20 class pack

  • What is SHOW NIGHT!?
    We wrap up the course with a big night of performances shared with some of our pole ladies and we extend the invite to family and friends. This is completely optional, but a really fun way to finish and put on a show or come and watch the shows. You will take away with you a world of skills and fun experience. Suitable for the Burlesque virgin or artists wanting to extend their repertoire and put together a show.
  • What do I wear to Burlesque class?
    It is best to wear what you are comfortable in. Nothing too baggy is recommended so you can see you body movements. You may dress it up Burlesque style or simply wear leggings with a singlet or t-shirt. Small heels with ankle support are optional, or you can dance in bare feet or socks.
  • Can I start Burlesque with no experience?
    YES. Whether you are a total newbie or a seasoned Burlesque babe, we welcome everyone. Your instructor will guide you through class and this style is alight dance workout suitable for all ages and abilities.
  • Do I have to perform at a show night?
    Absolutely not. All performances at our studio are completely 'optional'.
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