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Studio Timetables

Geelong Studio

Our Geelong studios are in the heart of Geelong CBD on Ryrie St. Both Main Studio and Studio 2 are in the same building.

Main Studio is a pastel lit, beautiful space where we hold majority of our classes, functions and some event evenings. Our aim is to provide the most professional, inviting and clean space possible for training.


Main Studio has x14 poles for students plus stage with 2 poles for instructor use and performance. Studio 2 has 8 poles in total and a more warehouse atmosphere with high ceilings. 

​Torquay Studio

Our Torquay studio gives warm vibes of sunsets and sandy beaches.
Located in this stunning coastal town and the first pole studio on the Surf Coast, we are proud to bring our incredible sport here.  Our aim is to create a beautiful supportive community and professional training space for new polers, industry pro’s, functions, photo shoots and events.


Our ‘Main Room’ has 10 poles in total, all

40 mm Brass X Poles. There is loads of floor space and there is a separate ‘Cosy Corner’ space for stretching and settling in.

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