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We LOVE seeing our students shine! We offer many opportunities for our beautiful students and instructors to showcase their talents on stage. We are active in our local community events, expos and host open days for  to invite newbies to join our community and see what pole is all about.

Any performance event is completely optional for students and not compulsory. Whether it's our highly anticipated annual 'Steel the Spotlight' student competition, our captivating Burlesque and Pole showcases at our Geelong studio and 'The 18th Amendment Bar, or our themed group performance nights, there is something for everyone.

Even if they choose not to perform, our events are a must-attend experience. The atmosphere is filled with support, vibrant energy, and the shows are always exceptional and inspiring. Take a look at some of our past events and stay informed about what's coming up by following our socials.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Past Events

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