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Burlesque is about being confident in your body and loving what you've got. It is a glamorous word full of sparkle and sass. It is fiercely feminine and a whole lot of fun. Burlesque is a style, an art where you can find your crew and improve your relationship with your own body. 

Get ready to shimmy and shake, peel and reveal your way through one of our Burlesque Performance Courses, private tuition, custom classes Burlesque hens functions or our Burlesque or Showgirl casuals. 

You can choose from Modern or Traditional, or enjoy a bit of both. Our classes are run by professional industry performers who love nothing more than to share this classic performance art with others. We also offer Burlesque home delivery parties and can visit your home or venue. 

Private Tuition
Private Group classes 

Discover the glamorous world of Burlesque with our private sessions. Whether you're looking for an introduction to the art of tease, want to build your confidence and feel good in your body or learn show choreography for a specific event or occasion, we've got you covered. 

Our small group privates are perfect for a fun and unforgettable experience with your friends. 

We are happy to customise the class to suit your needs and group style. 

Burlesque Functions / Home Delivery Workshops 

For all Burlesque functions, event hosting or performance artists see our functions page or contact us directly. 

  • What is SHOW NIGHT!?
    We wrap up the course with a big night of performances shared with some of our pole ladies and we extend the invite to family and friends. This is completely optional, but a really fun way to finish and put on a show or come and watch the shows. You will take away with you a world of skills and fun experience. Suitable for the Burlesque virgin or artists wanting to extend their repertoire and put together a show.
  • What do I wear to Burlesque class?
    It is best to wear what you are comfortable in. Nothing too baggy is recommended so you can see you body movements. You may dress it up Burlesque style or simply wear leggings with a singlet or t-shirt. Small heels with ankle support are optional, or you can dance in bare feet or socks.
  • Can I start Burlesque with no experience?
    YES. Whether you are a total newbie or a seasoned Burlesque babe, we welcome everyone. Your instructor will guide you through class and this style is alight dance workout suitable for all ages and abilities.
  • Do I have to perform at a show night?
    Absolutely not. All performances at our studio are completely 'optional'.
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