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Instructor Geelong

Federica first stumbled into the magical world of pole in 2020, when she turned up to Kylie J Pole Studio for an Intro to Pole class: it was love at first sight!

From building strength, improving flexibility, learning new tricks and moves, and making lots of friends, there is just so much that Federica enjoys about pole dancing.

Just as she thought things couldn't get any more fun, Federica eventually signed up for Rollerpole, and she's never looked back. The dopamine-boost that you get when fully immersing yourself in a flow routine on quad skates is something out of this world, and her only regret is not trying it sooner. She is so excited to share her passion for Rollerpole with her students.

Outside of pole dancing and roller-skating, Federica loves the beach and cycling; she also regularly practises yoga, pilates and barre, being a big believer that physical activity contributes to overall wellbeing and happiness.

She is also a qualified TAFE and secondary school teacher, and nothing makes her happier than helping people work toward their goals, and encouraging others to dream big and live fulfilling lives. She can't wait to encourage you and support you along your Rollerpole journey, no matter your level of experience.

Career Highlights

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