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Owner /Director Torquay

Ina's first brush with pole dance was way back in 2006, when she took classes “just for fun” outside of opening hours in a London strip club. Luckily the pole community has grown into a legit sport with professional setting since then, but Ina’s heart will always belong to the true show girls, hard workers and natural entertainers that got the art form to where it is today.

Having danced her way through several studios across the world, she ended up in class with Kylie J in 2018 and it was the beginning of a wonderful journey that turned her hobby into a true passion project and rewarding career. From winning the Most Entertaining sash in our in-house studio competition, to snatching the AAPC Pole Performer 2022 gold and competing in national comp Debut 2023, Ina has now been an instructor in Geelong as well as joining Kylie in opening Kylie J Pole Torquay and sharing her unique form of razzle dazzle, welcoming nature and absolute love for the art of pole dance with new students on the Surf Coast. 

To Ina, pole is about accessibility; “No matter your fitness level, age or skill, there is room for you in our community and we are always going to be thrilled that you’re here to dance with us!” 

Career Highlights

Opening Kylie J Pole Torquay studio 2024

Debut Amateur Pole Competition 2023 - Finalist

AAPC Online Pole Performer 2022 - Winner

Most Entertaining - Steel The Spotlight 2022

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