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Instructor Geelong

For as long as she can remember, Libby has adored performance arts of all kinds and dabbled in many styles of dance and theatre. After a break from performing and admiring pole dance from afar she finally got herself to a class in 2016 and that was it. She was in love!

There are so many things Libby loves about pole; not only is it a wonderful creative outlet, it has also given her a new appreciation and love of her body, and helped her become stronger both physically and mentally.

To her, there are few activities as joyous as dance and she can’t imagine her life without it.

Heel work and Exotic Flow are her niche and whenever she’s in the studio you’ll usually find her in her heels choreographing.

Joining the studio instructors team in 2018, Libby loves sharing her passion for pole dance with her students, and has found teaching to be incredibly rewarding. 

Watching her students progress and celebrating their wins with them fills her heart!

Career Highlights

Solo Titles:

2018 Pole On The Pier – 2nd Runner Up Advanced Division

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