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Instructor Geelong

Stephanie has been a part of the professional pole industry for over a decade. A highly skilled performer and competitor at both state and national level, Stephanie (AKA 'Spliterella') is known for her splits, lines, and showmanship. She has starred in music videos, and regularly performs at corporate events and select shows (on both pole and lollypop lyra), as well as judging, guest performing, and running workshops at studios across Victoria. Stephanie joined the Kylie J instructor team in 2016. She has taugt everything from beginner to elite pole (static and spin), stretch, lyrical, bootcamp, and burlesque. Currently, Stephanie teaches advanced/elite pole and casual Burlesque, and takes on clients for private lessons.

Stephanie enjoys  how creative and fun pole can be. She says she loves nothing more than taking to the stage and sharing her passion of pole and dance with others. "Being at Kylie J, you get more than just a workout; it's fun, it's social; it's my happy place!"

Outside of pole, Stephanie holds a PhD in Medicine and works full-time as a cancer researcher!

Career Highlights

Solo Titles:

2018 Australian Pole Championships Finalist

2018 Victorian Pole Championships 1st R/U

2017 Cast member ‘Solo Artist’ Pandemonium Events ‘Imagine’

2017 Victorian Pole Championships finalist

2017 FRISK Pole Dance Competition finalist

2017 Vortex Pole Dance Competition finalist

2016 Pole Princess ‘Pole Just Because’ Ambassador Winner

2016 Australian Pole Dancers Magazine Pole Warrior featured artist

2016 Pole on The Pier WINNER

2016 Hardcore Pole Championships finalist

2016 Regional Pole Artistry Championships finalist

Doubles Titles:

2017 Survivor Pole Championships WINNER

2017 Rising All Stars Championships 1st R/U

2017 Victorian Pole Championships 1st R/U

2016 Survivor Pole Championships WINNERS

2016 Miss Pole Dance Australia Doubles Finalists

2016 Regional Pole Artistry Championships Guest Performers

2016 Miss Pole Dance Victoria finalists

2015 Pole on the Pier WINNERS

2015 Regional Pole Artistry Championships Finalists

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